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Satisfaction Guarantee

Throughout the recruiting, hiring and placement processes, Wilson Employment Networks’ staffing specialists strive for the best possible outcomes for both companies and job candidates while consistently ensuring the greatest returns on our clients’ staffing investments.

While we make every effort to recruit the best match for your job opening, we also stand by our commitment to guarantee your satisfaction.

Supplemental Employees: If you feel that the performance of a Wilson Employment Networks supplemental employee is not meeting your expectations, call us within the first two days and you will not be charged for the placement. We will quickly reassign another field employee for your job opening.

Direct Placement Employees: Wilson Employment Networks guarantees your satisfaction with our 90-day policy. If the employee we place at your company does not work out to your satisfaction, we will refund one-third of the placement fee for every month of the 90-day period that you are not satisfied. For example, if you do not wish the employee to work for a third month with your company, we will refund one-third of the total fee.