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Our Services

Wilson Employment Networks was formed to take the traditional staffing and recruiting model to the next level of strategic partnership in human capital management.

Working as an extension of human resource departments, our goal is to attract and retain the most qualified talent while aligning candidates to every client’s unique organizational culture.

Every member of the Wilson Employment Networks team is dedicated to delivering extremely high levels of service

From long-term engagements to short-term placements, we work with businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships to help reduce expenses, increase efficiency, and minimize risk. No matter the size of your project, you can be assured that Wilson Employment Networks’ highly qualified professionals take every job seriously.

Staffing Services:

  • Supplemental – Access our pool of qualified candidates for long- and short-term assignments.
  • Supplemental to Direct – Employers and employees have an opportunity to evaluate each other before committing to direct employment.
  • Direct – We recruit the most qualified candidates for core positions at our employer clients.

Customized Solutions May Include:

  • Wilson Managed Contingent Workforce Services – Without the capital commitments and time delays associated with developing an in-house recruiting or staffing solution, our process allows clients to focus on core business objectives—to do what they do best.
  • Skill Assessments – We offer more than 1,000 validated skill assessments that confirm a candidate’s knowledge and skill—from Accounting & Finance, Administrative, Manufacturing to Engineering, Sales and Marketing to Human
  • Training – We offer a variety of software tutorials in the Microsoft Office Suite. Tutorials may be sent directly to a candidate’s PC, at home, or at work.
  • Background Checks & Drug Testing – A variety of background checks may be customized to meet every client’s specific needs. Customized orientations specific to your organization
  • Customized orientations specific to your organization