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Candidate and Employee Testimonials

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wilson Employment Networks for all they have done to assist me in finding a job. I started with Wilson Employment Networks when I moved back to the area and needed to find employment right away. It took me less than a week from when I first met with Paul Wilson to start working in a full-time temporary position. I was placed in a professional, stable and growing company. Paul remained in contact with me throughout my placement and when my assignment was nearing completion, he let me know of any upcoming jobs that might be of interest to me. Luckily for me, the company where I was placed by Wilson Employment Networks offered me a full-time, permanent position.

This was my first experience working for an employment agency and the attention and care they showed me made this a positive experience. I was also very impressed with the quality of the companies they network with. I am now working for a wonderful company and am grateful to Wilson Employment Networks for making this possible for me.”

  • Kelley R.


“At first glance, Wilson Employment Networks quickly surpassed my already high expectations with their friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. My Staffing Specialist was extremely helpful in giving me resume advice, understanding my strengths and skills, as well as my career needs and specifications. As a result, I was placed in a position perfectly suited for me and am now a permanent, full-time employee of the organization. I’ve already recommended Wilson Employment Networks to all my friends and I will continue to do so. Thank you everyone at Wilson Employment Networks!”

  • Emily D.


“From the moment I walked into Wilson Employment Networks, I knew this was a quality organization that would provide me with a position that I could take pride in. I come from a background with a strong work ethic and I was looking for a position offering a positive work environment, strong teamwork, and room for growth. Wilson Employment Networks provided me with a very successful match. If I could sum up Wilson Employment Networks in one word, it would be “excellence”.”

  • Tammy D.


“My experience with Paul Wilson and staff was beyond excellent.  I was placed into a position almost immediately with the potential of full-time employment in a new marketing position.  After 10 weeks with Wilson Employment Networks I am now employed with The Scott Lawson Companies as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator.  Becoming a field employee for Wilson Employment Networks was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  Thank you!”

  • Miranda Y.


“I just wanted to let everyone at Wilson know what a great job Lynn did for me in getting me placed at my present job.  I first saw Lynn in 2009 and she was very instrumental in having me placed as quickly as she could.  I was placed in various temporary positions (at the time there were NO openings for a full time permanent) but Lynn kept me as busy as she could, for which I was very thankful.  In March, 2010, I found employment (not through Wilson, which I wish it had been).  I stayed in that position for approximately 10 months and then I was laid off.  I instantly called Lynn at Wilson.  She told me she would see what she could do and believe it or not the next day she got a call from Preti Flaherty and she instantly thought of me since I had temped for them during my time with Wilson.  Lynn told me it would be a temporary job but she did not know how long.  When I came to the office they told me the position would turn into a full-time position.  I immediately applied.  Because they knew me from last year and they liked my work then, they said they would consider me.  I called Lynn and she called the HR team here and told them they would benefit from hiring me and here I am with a full-time position.

I wish I could say more but I think I can sum it up by saying: Lynn worked very hard and was ALWAYS a pleasure to talk to.  She took the time to listen and she genuinely cared about placing me in a position.  I hope other people are lucky enough to have Lynn working in their corner.

Thank you for taking the time to listen!”

  • Maryann C.


“Initially I had reservations about going to an employment agency.  From the start Wilson Employment Networks completely eased my apprehensions with their hands-on approach and friendly, qualified staff.  I have now been employed through Wilson Employment Networks for seven months and am in the process of starting a career through an opportunity they provided me.  I would confidently recommend Wilson Employment Networks to anyone looking to start a career or any employers looking for qualified staff.”

  • Dana H.


“I have worked for Wilson Employment Networks for over a year and I’d like to say that I have worked for other Employment Agencies in the past but your company has been the best I’ve ever worked for!  An extremely professional company, when I had questions –I got answers immediately—whether it is a payroll questions or just plain questions in general, I always was assured that I would get a response.  A Holiday gift at Christmas was also given to me –to show appreciation of the work that I have done.  A special thank you to Lynn Johnson who has been my contact at Wilson throughout—thank you Lynn!”

  • Steve P.


“Paul Wilson has been a great influence on my HR career. He encouraged me to get involved with the HRA-GC, which helped define my strengths and broaden my confidence level. His company, Wilson Employment Networks, placed me at a very rewarding assignment toward the end of a 10-month transition period. His faith in my abilities truly got me through that difficult time. While at GSIL, Paul and I had an opportunity to work together (although too briefly) through the Bancroft Staffing merger. His philosophy on building partnerships and strategic relationships resonates with me on so many levels. In his current role as President of the HRA-GC, Paul continues to encourage and empower HR professionals. Thanks to Paul I continually strive toward reaching my own potential. I only hope I can be half as influential as Paul in assisting others through their journeys.”

  • Robin P.


“The best thing I ever did was contact Wilson Employment Networks in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Lynn Johnson has been doing a fantastic job getting me assignments in this slow economy and I have faith that she will ultimately find me a perfect match with permanent employment.  The best thing about Wilson is that Lynn contacts me often to find out how my assignments are working out for me and to let me know that she is still searching to place me permanently.  I have met a lot of nice people and made a lot of friends so far.  Thank you Lynn and thank you Wilson Employment for all your hard work!!”

  • Sonja P.